Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Back

Hey readers! Great news -- the internet peoples come to set up our internet on Sunday. Whoohoo! I'm so excited to finally have wireless internet again...
But anyway...for now, I have my yearly review post! Let's start with listing my top ten favorite books. :D

The River of Time Trilogy
by Lisa Bergren

One of my all time favorite series, these books have found a special place on my shelf and have already been reread this year. If you love sword fights, danger at every corner, sweet romance, and unrelenting intrigue, this series is for you!
You can find my reviews of these books in the links below.
Waterfall & Cascade
Review of Torrent coming very soon!

The Waiting Place
by Eileen Button

This book was absolutely amazing. It's main message was summed up in a few simple words -- "In life you wait. It's how you wait that matters.". Eileen shows us how important the way we wait is, and how it effects our lives and often times those around us. I cannot recommend this book highly enough -- it was great.
You can read my review here.

Praying For Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart For His
by Tricia Goyer and Robin Gunn

This is a book that every girl needs. I absolutely loved it and the message it portrays. I have always loved reading books and blog posts that encourage girls to keep their hearts intact and whole for their husbands instead of giving it to whatever cute guy walks into their lives, and this book did just that and more, even giving examples from their own sinful pasts so the readers don't make the same mistakes. A must read for all teen girls and single women!
My full review can be found here. 

Pearl in the Sand 
by Tessa Afshar

A Pearl In The Sand was one of the best debut novels I have ever read. It was just amazing. Deep and thought provoking, Afshar unveils a beautiful retelling of the story of Rahab that will leave you breathless and viewing her life completely differently. Awesome book that I highly encourage reading.
Read my review here.

Love Amid the Ashes
by Mesu Andrews

Love Amid the Ashes is my favorite Biblical fiction, and another of the most amazing debut novels I've read. The story of Job has been one of my favorites for some time, and I was so excited to get this book so I could read it retold. If you love Biblical Fiction, I very, very highly recommend this book. It will not leave you disappointed. 
You can find my interview with the author here. 

The Lightkeeper's Ball
by Colleen Coble

This book not only had a gorgeous cover, but the story beneath it was just as breath-taking. Wow, I absolutely loved this book by Colleen Coble. With just enough danger to make it exciting, and mellow enough of a romance to keep it from being overboard, this story is one that will capture your attention and keep hold of from start to finish. 
My review can be found here.

Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor
by Chuck Black

I have always loved Chuck Black's books, but this one was exceptional. Perhaps it was because of the ways I was able to relate to the character, but I connected with this book and have read it twice. I absolutely loved it, as did my eleven year old brother. Highly recommended.
Read my review.

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
by Richard Paul Evans

WOW. What a book! I found this one fascinating and couldn't put it down. Simple enough for youth, yet complex enough to send my mind whirling, I was amazed at how talented this author was -- able to make a book an oxymoron! ;) Very highly recommended.

by Ted Dekker

Same as last year, a Dekker has made it onto my Top Ten. Kiss was my favorite Dekker that I read this year -- it was just awesome. Dekker never ceases to amaze me with his unexpected twists and intriguing story plots. A must read!

Jewel of Persia
by Roseanna White

Another one of my favorite Biblical fictions became Jewel of Persia -- an amazing book written by an author-friend of mine, Roseanna White. This story was a twist on the Bible tale of Esther, and I absolutely loved every page. I have been raving about this one to many of my friends and actually don't have it right now, as I am lending it to someone, which is saddening because I have the urge to reread it right now. ;)
 Very highly recommended.

Well, there you have it! Those were my top ten books of 2011. If they made it onto this list, you can be sure they are good, because I read more than 120 books this year. Whoo! I didn't quite make it to my goal of 150, as we've had a busy end of the year, but I did breach my original goal of 100. Yay! This year is going to be a busier one, so I've only set a goal of 100, hoping to at least reach that. We'll see next year, won't we? ;)
So, readers, what was your favorite memory from 2012, and what is your reading goal? Don't have one? Make one! :D

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this blog in the last year by writing comments, leaving links on their sites, awarding me, etc. It's GREATLY appreciated! Without y'all, this blog wouldn't exist! :)

I'll be back soon with a review of Melanie Dickerson's The Merchant's Daughter and a fun interview with Skylar Holt from Stephanie Morrill's Me, Just Different! Tune in tomorrow! :D


Faye said...

Great selections, looks like you've had a year of great reading!

The Authoress said...

Hi Jane-

I am a homeschool graduate as well, and have written and published 2 books that I was hoping you might review. I tried to click on the link to email you but couldn't get it to work. So I thought I would comment and give you my e-mail.:)
Here are the links to my blogs:
(Considering your description of yourself I think you will enjoy the second blog...)
And here's my email!!!
Let me know if you'd be willing to review my books, and I will send you a copy!

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