Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Author Interview - Mesu Andrews

Hello readers! I have a surprise interview for you! Today I am welcoming Mesu Andrews to Reviews By Jane! I decided to change things up a bit and interview Ms. Andrews a bit differently - enjoy!

Instead of the normal "Tell us about yourself", I'm going to ask you three questions:
What is your favorite hobby? Watching movies. I love historicals with a little romance thrown in. Braveheart. Gladiator. Dances With Wolves. The Patriot.
Where is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere on a ship. Our family went on a cruise for our first daughter’s senior spring break in 2003, and I’ve been hooked ever since. We’ve cruised mostly in the Caribbean and Mexico, but we rang in the 2010 new year on a cruise ship in New Zealand. That was probably the highlight.
And if you could win a life time supply of anything you wanted, what would you ask for? Lindt White Choc Truffles – Yum!

White chocolate truffles? YUM!
How long have you been writing?
It’s been a journey because I didn’t plan to write publicly. I began journaling in 1995, which grew into writing devotionals to share with my family and friends. By 1999, I wrote a short Bible study on the Song of Solomon that had a fictional element that I shared at ladies’ retreats. I wrote my first novel proposal in 2001 and have been seeking publication in biblical fiction OR devotional non-fiction since then.

Wow, that's cool!
Can you tell us a bit about your book - Love Amid The Ashes?
It wasn’t my first choice J The proposal I had submitted to Revell was for the story on the Song of Solomon (Love’s Sacred Song); however, due to other contracts in their queue, they wanted to delay publication three years, so they asked if I would write one of my “future projects” listed in the proposal. Love Amid the Ashes was a whim title based on my curiosity about Job’s wife. When Revell offered the two-book contract, I hurriedly researched Job’s story and found that rabbinic tradition added new direction to Scriptures truths, and Love Amid the Ashes piqued my imagination. It’s fun to take familiar characters from the same time biblical period, like Jacob, Dinah and Esau, and show those unexpected ties in what people expect to be a familiar story.

What made you want to write about Job and his life from the perspective of another? Actually, I write some of the scenes from Job’s perspective, but in Scripture, the Book of Job is largely his perspective, so we already know a significant chunk of his mindset. I thought it was important that we understand—and more importantly, felt—what those around Job experienced in their daily caretaking of this righteous sufferer.

Great idea!
What are you working on now as far as writing?
We’re in the editing and marketing phase of my original manuscript, Love’s Sacred Song. It’s the story of King Solomon’s early years and the love of a shepherd girl that shaped his character and his nation. This book releases in March 2012. I’ve started research on four more biblical novels. I love to find famous (or infamous) male figures and then search and dig for interesting information about the women in their lives. Stay tuned to discover which shadowy characters are revealed in the next four Old Testament tales!

Looking forward to your next release! Thanks for visiting!


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