Why I Review The Way I Do - My Story

When I was around the age of twelve, I started really loving books. Okay, scratch that. Around the age of twelve, I became obsessed with books. I'd always loved books - gee, I'd memorized Are You My Mother by the age of three and was reading soon after. 

At twelve, I was a speed reader and could easily get through any book I could get my hands on in less than 36 hours. There was a problem though - my mom was not a speed reader, and unless they were books she'd already read and approved or little kid books, I couldn't read them unless she read them first. 

After about two months of having mom read all the books I wanted to read before me, I grew tired of having to wait forever to read a book - and then sometimes not being able to read the book because of it's content. It wasn't long before I realized exactly what I needed - I needed a Christian review blog that my mom could read and would tell her all the bad stuff that was in books so that she could just read the reviews and know if I could read the book. Sadly, there was no such site, but I was determined to start one - and I did! 

At twelve, I started my first book review blog, and it got a whole one review. Yep. One. But with school, crazy brothers, and lots to do, it didn't get very far. I wish I could still remember what it was called, but I distinctly remember that blog. It was a start. Three years later, I tried again. I remember that that blog was called though. 

It was called Reviews By Jane. 

In July of 2010, I started a book blog again and began posting reviews of books - this time it took off. Thought it lagged a bit at first, after a few months I'd gotten the hang of it and with the help of a friend who pointed me in the direction of different publishers and tour groups who send books in return for reviews, I've gotten to where I am today. 

If you've read any of my reviews, you'll notice that I highlight my content warning section red. Yep, I have a content warning section. Remember how when I was that little twelve year old girl whose mom had to proof read everything and I just wished that there was somebody who wrote out all the bad stuff in books in a review? 

I'm that somebody now.

So that's why I review the way I do. I know there are young teens and preteens out there with just as cautious moms as I had, and still have today. Now I review books just for those moms who are out there looking for books for their teens and can know exactly what is in them before handing them to their daughters(and sons, too). 

So that's the reason I do things the way I do. That's my story. I review for those people out there who want to know what their giving their teenagers - and even themselves. I hope my reviews are insightful and helpful when choosing what to read and what to give to your children. 

But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.
1 Thessalonians 5:21

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