Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stand Back, Everyone. This Could Get Dangerous -- I'm Vlogging

Hey y'all! Today I'm trying something new -- vlogging! Make sure to leave a comment letting me know whatcha think!

Stephanie's Go Teen Writers blog
Waterfall/Cascade Review
Lisa Bergren


Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Love it, of course, K! But then I'm a little biased. So honored to be on the top of your MFA list!!!

Nonners said...

Haha. I love you. You're vlog is totally neater than mine, I was in such a hurry, which is why I was vlogging in the first place....

Also, I can't wait until my turn comes around for the tour for Fairer Than Morning....It was soooo good.

And I see you went with pink and blue nail polish...good choice :]

And yes...I would like a shout out.... :] haha jk jk

Recondude17 said...

Hey Kait it was Really good but (UMM) wheres the high def? LOL jkjk ya i jst wanted to encourage you :) it was really good ttyl

Charity U said...

I enjoyed it! I am so jealous that you have those Bergren books...I'm hoping to read those someday. :) And wasn't Hailee good? I'll also be touring it towards the end of September.

P.S. I'm the same Charity U as usual, just not signed in.

Faye said...

I like it alot! It's great to see you and hear you like you're talking to us :)

Katie McCurdy said...

vlogging definitely sounds like you, Kait.

I usually can't watch videos (and I won't get into the long explanation of why here, lol) but I was able to watch about half of this one here. Seems neat. Could tell you were a wee bit nervous, lol. But it seems neat, so go for it. I know you can always reach for those stars. ;-)

So would this vlogging take the place of your "This Month" posts? It sounded kinda like 'em.

Nonners said...

I thought she sounded more excited and ready for responses than nervous...but I guess that's just because I've been talking to Kait about vlogging for so long now that I just know she was excited. :]

Jane said...

Mrs. Bergren:
Haha! You're an awesome author; so glad I had the chance to read your books! :D

No yours was great! It was shorter and more straight to the point. After having to do it a trillion times because my computer wasn't cooperating, I kinda lost my groove. It's sad.
YES! Fairer Than Morning was SOO good!
Yes, I thought so. It reminded me of cotton candy. :)

Recon: Haha thanks Chaise.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.
And YES -- you MUST get your hands on her books!!! They're worth every penny!!

Oh goodie! Thanks for letting me know!


No, it won't be taking place of my This Month post.

That's right! I actually didn't feel nervous at all, but I was very excited! Ir was so much fun! :D

Thanks all of y'all for the feedback!

- Kaity Jane

Diana Flowers said...

Loved your vlog, Kaity, and have read alot of the books you just spoke about and have the others on my TBR list, or my wishlist! Loved Waterfall even though I'm by no means a young adult! You talked me into Cascade...even though I'm so behind in my reading and reviewing.:(

You are as cute as a button, by the way! And I thought MY stack of books was tumbling over and felt kind of overwhelmed, until I saw yours in the background! LOL

Jane said...


Oh I'm glad you've read most of them because most of the ones I mentioned were really good or I know will be really good. ;)

Haha thanks. :) Yep I have a mountain of books. I need a shelf...or 10. :P

- Kaity Jane

Kaity-Jane's Mama said...

You're, like, the cutest thing!

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