Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey readers! I haven't posted in a while(not many reviews due lately) so I figured I'd drop in and say howdy real quick! I'm actually posting this from my phone because my computer has been acting up, so if it formats weird, my apologies! ;)

Not much has been going on over here in northeast Florida. It has started cooling down as fall approaches, but its still pretty darn hot during the day. Yesterday I was tossing a football around with some of my friends down the street and it was sweltering hot. But last weekend the highest it got was 80 and it felt sooooooo good. Its back up to the 90s now. *sigh* It was nice while it lasted. :P

Okay as much as I was trying to make this a personal post and not mention books....I just HAVE to mention this book I just read. It was my first book by Francine Rivers and ohmegoodness it was amazing!!! It was A Voice In The Wind and I absolutely LOVED it! I am already buried in the second one in the series -- An Echo In The Darkness -- and am really enjoying it, also. Have you read any of the Mark of the Lion series by Rivers? What did you think of them?

Okay so back to my life. We actually found this a while back, but below I have a picture of a Horseshoe Crab we found on the beach, which is 2 blocks away(totally awesome, right?!). It was HUGE. My brothers stuck hi hand next to it to show how big it was, but it doesn't do it justice. This thing was ginormous. ;) We've found a bunch of cool stuff on the beach here. A month or so ago our beach was infested with skate egg sacs(also known as Mermaid Purses). They were really cool, but weird. Some of them had already hatched but others were still alive. We made sure to toss those back out into the water so they could survive. ;)

Well...that's about it! I have a few reviews ready to post and will get those posted this week. Also, I have an interview and giveaway to post this Friday so that should be fun! :D

So that's it! What have you been up to? :)


Faye said...

Everybody is recommending that book to me! Glad you liked it too!

I've been busy with AWANA and Teen Bible Quiz, not to mention reading :)

Anne Payne said...

Hadassah & Marcus :) That is the best series I have ever read in historical fiction! I need to read it again. It has been years but it is one you never forget!

Gwendolyn Gage said...

Hi Jane! I wanted to let you know that I've awarded you "The Versatile Blogger Award" on my blog, Congratulations!

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