Monday, August 1, 2011

In Between by Jenny B. Jones

Unlike most kids, teenage Katie Parker never got a fair shot at a normal life. With a mother in jail and a missing-in-action dad, she's never known what it's like to truly be loved. Low on options and family members, she's soon shipped off to a foster home. 

Now in an unfamiliar town, Katie's rebellious attitude is at odds with her new family, school, and classmates. And after falling in with all the wrong people at school, things go from bad to really bad after she takes the blame for vandalizing the local performing arts theater. 

But in the midst of a dark situation, Katie finds light in the most unexpected places: through her new friendship with an eccentric senior, the commitment of her foster family, and a tragic secret that changed them forever. And as she inches closer to acceptance and forgiveness, she finds that God has been there all along.

The Review:
My Ranking: 10 out of 10
Ages: 14 & up

HAHA!!!! Those words were continually flowing from my lips as I soared through this novel. Written from the point of a girl with a dry sense of humor, as I do, I was easily able to relate and enjoy this book to it's fullest.

The characters in this book were all a joy to get to know. I loved Katie's personality(as I already said, much like mine) and enjoyed watching her grow in maturity and faith. Her foster parents were a bit of a puzzle to me, and I am eager to read the following books in the series to get the full story. Katie's friend, Frances, was a very sweet girl and I loved reading each scene where she was present. She definitely gave Katie the encouragement and friendship she needed!

The writing style flowed well and I enjoyed reading it in the first person. There was a lot of dry humor that may bug some people, but it was not bothersome to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
There was only minor content.

Katie gets some padded bras and is very happy about it. She also gets shorts that show off her calves, it says, and "make it look like she actually has a butt". There is a part in biology where she asks her partner how she knows the pig is male and the girl begins to say "Well you lift it's leg" before Katie cuts her off and they change the subject.

Katie gets in the wrong group of kids and ends up accidentally taking part in breaking into a theater and vandalizing it. She does none of the vandalizing herself, but she is there and does break in. There are definite consequences though.

All in all, this was a totally awesome book and I will be getting the next two in the series as soon as I am able. If you love to laugh while you read, definitely keep an eye out for this series!


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