Monday, July 11, 2011

Memory Monday

Hello readers! Today I have a new weekly post to present y'all with, as promised. ;) Today I will be starting Memory Monday, where I will be posting about books I've read in the past and what I thought about them.

Today I will be featuring...

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon was written by 15 year old, homeschool graduate Christopher Paolini. The book was self-published in 2002 when Paolini was 18. In August of 2003, Eragon was published and became an instant New York Times best seller and had sold one million coppies just six months after publication. It has even become a movie, thought I must say a dreadfully aweful one.

I remember when I first read this book. It was about 4 years ago and I immediately was hooked. From page one, I remember being enthralled by the amazing, well written story that took place in the mystical land of Alegaesia. This was, and still is, one of my very favorite books and I confess to having read it at least 3 or 4 times, along with Eldest, the second book in the sega. Brisngr, which released two years ago, was not as excting to read it's prequels, it still was a good book and I am on my toes, waiting for the last in the series -- Inheritance -- to release this November.

So pretty much, this was a book I really enjoyed. I have the feeling that the Inheritance sega will always have a special place on my bookshelf and I eagerly await November to read the final book. :)


Nonners said...

I know! Me too! I already pre-ordered the book from Barnes and Noble. btw, what are arc books?

Jane said...

Oh awesome! I need to do that, too. :)

ARC - Advance Reader Copies. They are the books that are printed before they are entirely edited for reviewing puposes before the book releases.

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