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Blog Tour - Glastonbury Tor

His mother wanted him to be a monk…
His father wanted him to be a man…
A priest tempts him to pursue power…
But Colin must find his own way.
After his mother’s tragic death, seventeen-year-old Colin Hay is so consumed with anger that he tries to kill his cruel father. Running from these tormenting desires and his home, he seeks the protection and cleansing of the Glastonbury monastery, at a time when King Henry VIII is closing monasteries all over England.
But Colin’s past has followed him to Glastonbury. As he now pursues forgiveness and salvation, Colin is conflicted by the doctrines he learns at the monastery and the grace he receives from a local family with a forbidden English Bible. And then there is a quick-tempered priest whose lust for power threatens to compromise Glastonbury Abbey, and to destroy the astonishing treasure it holds—the Holy Grail.

The Review:
My Ranking: 8 out of 10
Ages: 15 & up

One of my favorite ways to learn about events in the past is through fictional books with accurate historical details. That is exactly what I got when I read Glastonbury Tor. From author LeeAnne Hardy comes a tale that interweaves lessons of forgiveness with incredible historical occurrences. I loved following Colin through his journey of discovering who he was, what was right in the eyes of God, and just how far the arms of forgiveness can stretch. Tears threatened to spill and my heart ached at times for Colin as he trudged through his youth in search of his purpose in life.

The thing I liked most about the story was how much I got to learn about the monks. No offense to any monks reading my blog(:P) but they are weird! At least back then they were. They were strict! And some of their punishments were completely nuts. But even still, I enjoyed looking into the monastery life. 

Out of all the characters, Wil was definitely my favorite. The little boy with a big heart. He was so loveable! I looked forward to every scene that included him or his family. His whole family was amazing, taking on many dangers by keeping and reading a Bible in their home. The light romance between Colin, while barely even there, was a sweet add.

As for the content, there is little to say. At the beginning, his father comes into the room and it is obvious he is going to bed with his (abused)wife and he says something to Colin about staying in the room so he can learn about what he was going to do to her since he was "near a man". He kisses her hard and also accuses a guy of having a relationship with his wife. But other than that, as far as sensuality goes that's it.
There is a bit of violence, such as a scene with a sword fight in it, but nothing was too graphic.
Also, there was a little bit of demonic forces in it, but it was obviously evil and there wasn't too much in it.

A word of warning: this is not an action-packed adventure, but if you are a fan of historical fiction, you will love this book! Purchase it here!


LeAnne Hardy has traveled the world responding to God's call to be a missionary, a call that has taken her to Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. The diverse settings and plots in her books have been inspired by her real-life encounters there. Many of the stories and scenes from her books come from her family's experiences on the mission field or are based on true stories of others.


LeAnne Hardy said...

Thank you for your review, Jane. I appreciate your concern for appropriate material. I am writing for older teens and adults, but I still prefer to suggest what they already know and not be graphic about sex and violence.

A book your readers might appreciate is Honey for a Teen's Heart by Gladys Hunt and Barbara Hampton. That is Gladys Hunt of Honey for a Child's Heart, the classic on reading aloud with children. Here teen book is about using literature to build a Christian world view. The bibliography gives guidelines for issues beyond sex and violence to be discussed if you read a book you have been hearing about in the media.

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