Friday, May 6, 2011

Movie Review - Unplanned

The Review:

My Ranking: 8 out of 10
Ages: 13 & up

Unplanned told the true story of Abby Johnson, a former director at a Planned Parenthood facility. Believing 100% in Pro-Life, I was eager to watch this documentary and see what made this lady change her mind - what it was like believing that the murder of babies was okay and then suddenly one day realizing that that was totally wrong. What torment that must have been, knowing that you'd helped - and encouraged - the decisions that these women made! I was nearly brought to tears as I watched the documentary.

The documentary was great. I really liked watching it and learning about the life of this woman who was so wrong and confused in her understanding one day take a turn and help for the opposite cause. The documentary was easy to understand and held my attention easily. I found it informative while not being overly descriptive and graphic.

The content was pretty mild for what the documentary was about. Abby told a story about how she had a boyfriend and became pregnant before marriage and had an abortion. There was nothing explained into detail. Also, there are a few shots of some slightly graphic signs, saying that they are overboard. Other than that and the whole subject of the documentary, there is nothing to mention.

All around this was a great movie that was really great to watch; Abby's testimony was awesome. Purchase this movie HERE and check out the Unite For Life site -


Katy said...

Huh, sounds like a very insightful movie to watch. thanks for the review, Kait!

~ Katy

Faye said...

I've heard about this!
Sounds great!

Nonners said...

Were they praying outside the clinic?

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