Thursday, May 5, 2011

Requesting All Readers

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if y'all might take a moment and rate my reviews for me. I'd be much obliged!

Bad Girls of the Bible

The Bridge of Peace

Blind Hope

Thank you a MILLION times over to everyone who rates my reviews!


Katy said...

Rating 'em for ya! :-D

~ Katy

Faye said...

You're Welcome!

Just Me said...

I have been on blogging for books for a few months now, but none of my reviews have ever been rated.
Would you mind telling me how you posted this rating info on your blog? so I can do the same on mine?

Susan ~ Loves 2 Read

Jane said...


Oh it's really simple! Just login to B4B, and up in the right hand corner there will be four(I think it's four) green squares with writing on em, saying "Manage Your Reviews" and "Request Review Copy", etc. Click on Manage Your Reviews and your list of reviews will appear. Click "Get Code". Copy the HTML code and paste it in your blog post in the HTML section. :) Hope this helps!

Thanks everyone, for rating my reviews!

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