Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warring Spirits by April Garner

Where blood is spilt, unexpected love may bloom.

 In 1816 Georgia, escaped slaves control the land just beyond the American border in Las Floridas. Lost somewhere between white and black worlds, Milly follows hope to the only place that can offer her refuge—the place Georgians are calling Negro Fort. The first, sweet taste of freedom convinces Milly that surrender is not an option. Death would be more welcome. 

Major Phillip Bailey has orders to subdue the uprising and return the runaways to their masters. Forced to fight alongside Creek warriors—the same who etched the scars into his mind and flesh—Phillip primes himself for battle. But inside, a war already rages—return for the woman he thought lost to him or concede her to the enemy she loves; follow orders or follow his heart.

The Review:
My Ranking: 9 out of 10
Ages 16 & up

Having read Wounded Spirits, I knew I was in for a treat when I picked up it's sequel, Warring Spirits. April Gardner had already impressed me and gained my favor with her smooth writing style, deep characters, and intense storyline. The wait between Wounded Spirits and Warring Spirits was a hard one to wait out, but after what seemed like forever, Warring Spirits was released and I eagerly snatched it up.

Once again, I was immediately drawn into the beautiful story that April wove deep in the heart of Georgia. Both Milly and Phillip's characters were well fleshed out and easy to like. We learned a bit about Phillip in Wounded Spirits, and it was nice to continue his story and see from his point of view in Warring Spirit. I also enjoyed learning about True Seeker. I must admit, he was my favorite character and I'm holding out that the next book in the series is about him! He intrigued me greatly!

Some content to point out:

- A girl wakes up to a man sleeping next to her, but nothing happened in the night.
- A crude man, obviously a "bad guy", suggests that he wants to sleep with a girl and that it was too bad she was laid up because he always likes his women to have a little fight in them.
- Several mentions of a woman stirring up passion in the men. Not purposefully, they're just lonesome soldiers and a girl is around. 

- A military leader informs his men to keep their hands off the slaves and their trousers buttoned or they'd pay for their pleasure with a lashing. 
- A man attempts to rape a woman(scene not written, but afterwards is very obvious) but is stopped but not before tearing her blouse(it says you can see the swell of her breast), as the rescuer notices later.

Overall, even though I preferred the first book I really enjoyed Warring Spirits and can't wait for the next book to release!


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