Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hello readers! I have been a horrible bloggeress and haven't posted in a while. My uncle hired me to write a business plan for him and I have been spending a lot of my time working on that, and then we (as a surprise) headed to our hometown for a 5-day visit. That was very exciting. But anyway, I do have some reviews that I need to post and will hopefully be posting next week. We are actually quite busy this month though so I may be scarce, but I'll try to pop in and update y'all as we speed through the month!

I read Douglas Wilson's Her Hand in Marriage for the third time two weeks ago. This book is amazing, if you couldn't tell my opinion merely by the number of time I have read it. I often pick it up and read a chapter here or a paragraph there, but every few months I pick it up and read it from cover to cover.

After loving it and finding it one of the best books on courtship that I've read(and I've read quite a few!), I eagerly sought the next one, Reforming Marriage, which I found in our church library and brought home with me a few weeks ago. I have read and finished that one, also, and loved it.

I also started and finished Halflings, which I will be reviewing shortly. I can't say I enjoyed this book too much. Having read Twilight for reviewing purposes, I was able to recognize how much Burch copied a lot of Meyer's ideas. With each chapter, I realized it really was just a copy of Twilight with vampires being replaced by angel-human crossbreeds so it makes it all "okay". I'll talk about that more in my upcoming review.

Yesterday I finished Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello To Courtship. This was another awesome book that I highly recommend to all singles out there! It was a great sequel to I Kissed Dating Goodbye. It is excellent and really frames what a courtship should look like. I really enjoyed it.

That's about all I have for you, for now. I have some reviews to get up and a tour next week, so I'll be back! :)


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