Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week

Hey readers! Here’s a post letting y’all know what’s been going on this past week and what’s coming this week! :)

  • One of the books I read this past week was What He Must Be If He Wants To Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham. Awesome book that I started and finished in less than a 24 hour period. This would be an especially great read for those who are attending online Christian colleges. It was excellent, and a must have. 

  • I have added yet another book to my small “favorites” list, which currently has about 25 of the 150 books I own that I’ve read. What book is this, you might ask? Well it’s none other than April Gardner’s Warring Spirits! I found this book to be just as good as it’s prequel, Wounded Spirits. After reading Wounded Spirits, I was super excited to see Warring Spirits released. I picked it up as soon as I got it and within 24 hours I had finished it. It was so good and I highly recommend it. A full review will be coming soon!

  • I am currently in the middle of reading Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave. So far, it’s pretty good! While not a fast paced, attention-grabbing mystery as of yet, it is keeping my interest well and I am eager to see how it ends. And I’ve got great news for you!
    For limited time, Julie Cave’s Deadly Disclosures super cheap! Meet Dinah Harris, the sarcastic and brilliant heroine of the Dinah Harris mystery trilogy for only $.99 this month! From January 15th – 31st, you can get your copy of Deadly Disclosures at a promotional rate of $.99! This includes digital copies available for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. What’s not to like?!

To get your copy at this special price, you can visit any of these fine retailers:

Remember, this promotion will last January 15th - 31st, so make sure to act fast! :D

  • I received Replication in the mail the other day, which I have been excited about reading for a while now! I won it through Go Teen Writers when I was entered into a contest since I was a winner during her writing prompts last year. I am so excited to dive in! It looks sweeeet!

  • I will soon be getting a tablet for myself. My computer is on its last legs and I am planning on getting a tablet and attachable keyboard instead of a laptop for day to day use. I’m looking to get an Acer Iconia, but I’m still searching around. Anyone have any suggestions? I’d really appreciate hearing your opinions!

  • My youngest brother, Jesse, turned three last week, also. I can’t believe how fast he’s grown! It seems like just the other day he was brought home from the hospital...*sigh*.
    Next week, my third youngest brother turns 7, and I turn 17. How time flies! It’s pretty crazy.

And that's about all that's going on. I have a few reviews coming and hopefully will get them up soon. :)


Diane said...

I loved Replication. Have not seen the others. They look good. :O)

April W Gardner said...

Thank you for the sweet words about Warring Spirits!
I agree--Replication sounds awesome. I haven't ready any of Jill's writing, but I REALLY want to!!

April W Gardner said...

P.S. Happy birthday to Jesse! What a doll!

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