Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Baby Lips Lib Balm

I was excited to receive a package in the mail full of mascara and lib balm from Maybelline to try and then share my experience with my readers. I'll be brief, but I couldn't help but share these products, as I found them to be wonderful.
First off, the mascara.
I can honestly say that both my mother and I found this to be our favorite mascara and if we ever were to buy mascara, we would look for Great Lash. It is an awesome product that is easy to apply, lasts the day, and volumizes your lashes. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wears mascara -- I absoltuely loved it.

As for the Baby Lips, I also really liked this product. It instantly softens chapped lips and over the weeks will give your lips a perfect, smooth surface. Of the colored variety, I found myself to like the Peach, but really dislike the Pink Punch's hue. I use the Peach often, but the Pink Punch clumped in a bright pink that I didn't like, and didn't spread the color very well. But overall, I liked this product and will definitely be using it.

To conclude, I recommend both of these products to makeup-wearers. You will not be disappointed with Maybelline's new products.


Anna Patricio said...

Hey, I recently heard about this Baby Lips (saw it in an ad) and was wondering how it was. The name really intrigued me. Glad to know it's good, I hope to try it out soon!

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