Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tantalizing Title Tuesday


–adjectiveHaving or exhibiting something that provokes or arouses expectation, interest, or desire


–nounThe distinguishing name of a book, poem, picture, piece of music, or the like


–nounThe third day of the week

By Reason of Insanity
by Randy Singer

After a series of kidnappings and murders in Virginia Beach, newspaper reporter Catherine O'Rourke experiences disturbing dreams that detail each crime. In an effort to aid the investigation, she shares them with her confidential source—a detective working on the case. Catherine's intimate knowledge of the crimes immediately makes her a prime suspect. When scientific evidence corroborates her guilt, she's arrested and charged with murder. As she begins to doubt her own innocence, Catherine turns to Las Vegas lawyer Quinn Newberg, a high-priced specialist in the insanity defense. Quinn believes in justice, Vegas-style. But he doesn't believe in the supernatural, or that Catherine's dreams are anything other than the result of a fractured personality disorder. Who can understand the human mind? Quinn knows that insanity cases are unpredictable, but nothing had prepared him for this. To win, or even survive, Quinn will need more than his famed legal maneuvering and biting skepticism. On this case, he needs a miracle.

What I Have To Say:

WOW!! What a title!! This title drew me in and after reading the back cover I knew it was a must-read -- So I got it! Yep, this title was so good, so intriguing, that I actually got the book. I haven't had the chance to dive into it yet, but I hope to soon! It looks really good, doesn't it?

What are some books titles that you've seen lately that have made you want to dive right in?


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