Monday, August 22, 2011

Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West

First off, I've just got to announce something real quick...I've recently read my 102nd book of the year! :D I've been reading like mad and yesterday passed my original goal of 100 books, which I updated to 150 a few months ago, and am now ahead by 7 books ahead of my current goal. I may just have to up it again! It was only two weeks ago that I was 2 books behind. ;)
So anywho -- that was fun to announce. The most recent book I read was Pompeii, which I finished last night. Review of that amazing book to come soon! :)
Now, onto my review for today!

She's after the story that might get her the Pulitzer. He's determined to keep his secrets to himself. Vietnam, 1967. Independent, career-driven journalist Kristin Taylor wants two things: to honor her father's memory by becoming an award-winning overseas correspondent and to keep tabs on her only brother, Teddy, who signed up for the war against their mother's wishes. 

Brilliant photographer Luke Maddox, silent and brooding, exudes mystery. Kristin is convinced he's hiding something. Willing to risk it all for what they believe in, Kristin and Luke engage in their own tumultuous battle until, in an unexpected twist, they're forced to work together. Ambushed by love, they must decide whether or not to set aside their own private agendas for the hope of tomorrow that has captured their hearts. 

The Review:
My Ranking: 7 out of 10
Ages: 16 & up

I've seen this book around a LOT and was so happy to dive into it finally several days ago. I expected an action-packed adventure. While that's not exactly what I got, I was not disappointed with this book at all!

From the first moment when Luke entered the story, I was intrigued. I never really understood his personality or fell in love with him, but I did like his character and was always wanting to know more about him.
Kristin, the main character, cracked me up on more than one occasion. With a fierce personality and stubborn will that matched Luke's, I found myself chuckling quietly as I read through some of their conversations.

The writing style flowed well and the book was easy to read, though I often felt that the author could have done a bit better of a job at showing the reader rather than telling us what was happening. But aside from that, which only had minor bearing on how much I enjoyed the book, it was excellently written.

There were a few minor suggestive remarks made throughout the book, one of the more prominent ones being when someone says that a girl can sleep with the grunts, that they won't mind her company, as a joke. She thinks about how she would never share a room with one of those "love-sick soldiers".
Luke and Kristen consummate their relationship before marriage. The scene is not described and ends with him trying to leave the room but her asking him not to,  but because of their foolish actions of staying in the same apartment so Luke could be there to "comfort" her when they were passionately in love, Kristin ends up pregnant. I actually wasn't even really sure if they had actually laid together until she ended up pregnant -- that's how unclear and nondescriptive it was. 

The word "d***ed" is used twice in it's literal meaning. Also, Luke calls his friend an "A**"

A woman comes home exceedingly drunk. 

To conclude, this was a very interesting book that I enjoyed. While I wasn't so pleased at the lack of regret from Luke and Kristin's imprudent actions and wished there was a bit more historical detail, I was all around pleased with this book and it made a good one time read.


Charity U said...

I want to read this. :)

I had that same problem about sleeping together before marriage in a book I just finished, "Eldest" by Paolini. Again, no mention of regret. :P

Jane said...


Huh...I don't remember that at all. Can you tell me where that happened?

Charity U said...

Okay. It was never specifically said that they did, but the way it was stated, it appeared to ME that it happened.

It's about, oh, before 1/2 way in. Before Roran and the town leave, before Katrina is taken. So fairly early. Ugh, I'd give a page number if I had the book here. Something to the affect of Roran's laying in bed, and then Katrina comes in. I think there's something about her bending to kiss him and him feeling a curtain of hair brush his face. And then I think it skips to the next morning...and I think some person comes in and finds them sleeping? Or he wakes up and finds her not there anymore? I can't recall.

Do you remember now? Did I read too much into the passage? It's a possibility, certainly. No description of anything, and it took me a moment to come to my conclusion.

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