Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Month

Good morning readers! This is a bit early(by like, 2 days lol) but I decided to go ahead and get my This Month post up while I remembered, as I totally forgot about it this past month. Whoopsies!

So anywho, here's what's been going on!

This past month I haven't been doing much - just enjoying the relazing life of a highschool graduate! It's been really nice! I have loved the extra time I've had - using most of it to play with my younger brothers and the neighbor kids, reading, and doing odd jobs that have been awaiting my attention.
Other than the normal, not much has happened this past month.
Lucy is now four months old and already has the makings of a rotten, adorable little girl. ;) She's SO cute and has the brightest, most gorgeous blue eyes.

Taken a few weeks ago

And she obviously knows she's all that and a bag of chips because she absolutely refuses to be put down without exclaiming very loudly her dissapointment in us. Yeah she's cute.

As for the upcoming events, we have...nothing. Haha, just fourth of July with the neighbors. Dad has to leave for a bit to go learn how to shoot missels or something entirely crazy out somewhere near the Bahamas or something. I'm not really sure. It's just crazy - that's all I know.

Some reviews that I have coming up are...

Jewel of PersiaSummer Dream (Seasons of the Heart)
Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West
The Waiting Place - Eileen Button
Departures, Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen - Robin Jones Gunn
Jewel Of Persia by Roseanna White

Wolfsbane (Discarded Heroes, Book 3)Tours -

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris
Perished by Dr. Frederick Riddle
Summer Dream - Martha Rogers
Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig

And who knows what other surprises I'll throw in there this month! ;) My product review of the month will be...

Cuisinart SS-780PC Single Serve Brewing System, Includes 54 K-Cups & 6 water filtersCuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System

So that's what's happening! I am also starting a few new weekly posts - Memory Monday where I will showcase a book that I remember reading a while back, and also hope to be picking back up on Flashback Friday. We'll see how that goes this month! Hopefully I'll be a bit more consistent this time. LOL

So that's what's happening! Do you have any exciting summer plans?


Faye said...

Sounds great! Visiting cousins in Wyoming next week.

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