Monday, April 25, 2011

Disney World

For those of you who missed April's This Month post, I went to Disney World with our neighbors as an extra eye. Talk about the best babysitting job EVER! ;) I had SO much fun!! Here are some pictures!

Me and the three oldest - Mark, Chris, and Giselle

It was like walking right into a Jane Austen novel! Epcot was SO cool!

On the road!

Magic Kingdom

It was SUCH A BLAST! Since I'm already really good friends with the kids and Mrs. B and I talk like all the time, I felt quite comfortable spending 4 days with this awesome family.  It was great! I hadn't been since I was 7 or so, so I really enjoyed it this time. The rides were so exhilarating and I loved going on them with the kids and Mr. B and the kids, and sometimes Mrs. B too. ;)


Chris in front of the ball-thingie at Epcot


So there are some pictures to satisfy my readers who are begging for pictures!(cough cough, Katy) :P Look forward to my regular posts - a FIRST tour tonight and reviews later this week! :)

ALSO! Make sure to return Friday for the take off of my 100 Followers Celebration! I will be featuring a few authors and giveaways are to be included! :)


Diane said...

Looks like a great trip and lots of sun and fun. :O)

Faye said...

You must have had a blast!

Katy said...

Thanks for the pictures, Kait!! It looks like you had a blast! :-)

- Katy

Jane said...

Diane - I did! And yes; there was LOTS of sun! ;)

Faye - yes I did!

Katy - No problem! I sure did! :)

Thanks, everyone, for commenting!

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