Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ramblings and Winner

 Whoo! What a weekend! I actually do have an explanation as to why the giveaway winner and Flashback Friday weren't posted on Friday...I was on my way to Pensacola!  My parents informed me the night before that we were going to visit because our pastor there, the family we always stay with when we visit, needed his van fixed. And since my dad is handy when it comes to fixing cars, he was going to help him. Katy and I made some last minute plans that night and the next morning to get together that afternoon and write and hang out. When we got there, I decided to tty to surprise Katy by showing up on time, rather than an hour later as I said I would. Well, let's just say that plan failed, because when I walked in all my bestest friends were hiding around the corner and shouted "SURPRISE!" when I walked in.
Thanks to Katy for inviting everyone and getting everything planned!
My family and friends had planned a surprise party for my 16th birthday, which is this coming Friday. I had a blast and couldn't be more thankful toward my amazing parents who drove us the five hours to Pensacola to celebrate my birthday. It was so much fun!

We had a blast playing volleyball while it was light out and then cards and a bunch of other games once inside!
I got some awesome gifts from all of my friends, including a few books from dearest Katy(though those were technically belated Christmas presents.) All my friends were amazingly sweet to plan this party, and I couldn't have had a better time! So thanks SSSSSOOOOO much Mom, Dad, and friends! Special thanks to the Curdys who were able to plan and host the party with only a days heads up(we didn't know dad would have Friday off of work till Thursday morning). THANKS!!!!!!!

The group!

But anywho, y'all are probably wanting to know who the winner of Kathi Macias' book is.

And the winner is.....

                 * * * Charity U (photographer4ever832@.... * * *

Congrats, Charity U! You will be emailed shortly. Please let me know which book you would like. :-)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!


Charity U said...

Wow! I'm SO excited! I love the pictures too, but coming to the end and seeing my name and email address sure made me excited!

Charity U said...

I would like to receive Red Ink. :) When you email me, I'll send you my mailing address.

Katy said...

You are SOOOOOO welcome, Kait! I am so glad your surprise party went off so well! :-D It was a wonderful night! Can't wait till the next time I see ya!

~ Katy

Jane said...

I had a blast Katy! And I agree - it was a wonderful night!!!! I can't wait to see you too! Only a month or so. :-D

Renee Ann said...

What blessings God gives through good friends! I enjoyed reading about this and seeing the pics. Fun!

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