Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Top Ten 2010

Hey all! I found this cool idea on The Legacy of a Writer and Another Day For Him. So, here are my top ten favorite books of 2010 in no particular order:

This is my all time favorite book. Of all time. That ever was time. Yes.
This was the most amazing book I have ever read. If you haven't read this book, you are really missing out. Missing out so much that you should really remedy the situation. Immediately. :-)
This was a fantastic book and I really suggest you read it.

Skin was an AMAZING book and close to being my all time favorite, though it doesn't surpass The Heaven's Before and competes closely with Blink, which is also a Dekker. This book was extremely well written and very intriguing. Full of suspense and tense moments, this was a book I COULD NOT put down! I will definitely be rereading this one this year.

WOW! This is an amazing book! I look forward to owning this book someday - reading it was SUCH a pleasure. A friend's of ours aunt wrote this book and it was a great story to read. I you ever get the chance, don't pass up reading this book.

One of my first Tracie Petersons, this book made me fall in love with her writing. Not only is the cover magnificent, but the story within is just as beautiful. This was an incredible story that I fell in love with from the get go. It will definitely be reread this book this year...maybe twice. ;-)

Ok this was a fabulous book that took place in the medieval times. I absolutely LOVED it! It was such a touching story. Thanks go to my friend Katy for pointing out this book to me. :-) It was incredible, and definitely a keeper!

Kathi Macias blew my mind with this one. Thought compelling and full of twists you don't expect, this book easily made it onto my Top Ten of 2010. You won't want to miss this book.

Ok Ok, I know this is technically two books, but since they are only a 2 book series and I just loved both of them SO much, I just figured I'd put the 2-in-1 on here. These books were amazing and are definitely worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

This is my favorite of Beverly Lewis'. Well, the series is. You have to read the whole series to be able to understand the extreme greatness of the books. :-) I love these and wish I owned the entire series. But alas, it is not so. I hope to in the future though!

This was another Katy-introduced book that I enjoyed a lot. Very unique in it's story and full of adventure with a sweet romance involved - it was a great read. I encourage you to read it, too!

Ok I had started by thinking I would only put one book per author....but I just couldn't help myself! The sequel to The Heaven's Before was nearly just as amazing as the first! This is another book I HIGHLY recommend you read.

Well, those are my favorite books that I've read this year! What are some of yours? Maybe they'll end up in my Top Eleven of 2011 next year! ;-)


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