Monday, January 31, 2011

Flashback Friday - Just A Little Late

WHOO! I never knew having a birthday could make one so busy! My parents had two surprise parties planned - one with my friends and one with my extended family - these past two weekends so I was traveling a lot and having tons of fun! So that is why I have missed the last two Flashback Fridays...terrible sorry. But I wanted to make sure to get it up for this past week so I hope you will accept it today! :-)
Historical Aspects:

Petra: City in Stone
A book I read not too long ago, oh maybe a month or two ago, was Petra, City In Stone by T.L Higley which I borrowed from my dear friend, Katy. This book was chock full of interesting historical information and took place in the wondrous city of Petra. This book was easily added to my list of historical favorites and proved to be very resourceful. If you've never heard of Petra, I'd encourage you to read a history post Katy did on our Book Ponderings blog here and learn more about it. I also highly recommend purchasing this book, as the lessons in it are great and you will gain a lot of knowledge of the city of Petra.

Christian Aspects:

Making Waves: A Novel (Lake Manawa Summers)

For Christian aspects, it was quite easy for me to choose which I would showcase. Making Waves  by Lorna Seilstad was a marvelous book that held a great lesson in the results of lying. I was worried at the beginning that it would be one of those "Lying is ok if it's for a good reason" books and was happy when it turned out to be the opposite! Marguerite learns a good lesson about lying and how wrong it is, setting a model for people today.
I encourage you to read this book - purchase it here!


Katy said...

I agree with you on Petra - I really enjoyed that book!

I didn't know that Making Waves was about the evil of lying - thats neat. I haven't read many books on that issue!

~ Katy

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