Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Amish Love

Three novellas in one book provide variations on the Amish theme. Each stands alone, though characters overlap as three couples search for love. In "A Marriage of the Heart," Abigail Kauffman forces her marriage to Joseph Lambert, a man struggling with his past in the Englisch world. They forge a tentative relationship, but both their pasts may be their undoing. Ellie Chupp, a blind Amish woman in "What the Heart Sees," must face Christopher Miller when he returns to his Amish roots seeking forgiveness for his part in causing Ellie's blindness. But can he forgive himself? One strong woman leads the way. Finally, in "Healing Hearts," Naaman Lapp returns home after a year away to find Levina, his wife of 31 years, distrustful and confused. Naaman woos her as he struggles to make amends with his children. But a mysterious man comes looking for Naaman and rumors begin to fly.

My Review:

My Rating: 8 out of 10 stars
Ages 12 & up
An Amish Love was another fantastic book by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long. It is a three-in-one that includes A Marriage Of The Heart, What The Heart Sees, and Healing Hearts. Each one had a unique love story in it – the first being of a couple who were married under certain circumstances and must grow to care for one another, the second of a blind woman who learns to find love again after being dumped because of her disability, and the last being the story of a healing marriage relationship. I enjoyed each of these stories, but I liked A Marriage of the Heart the most. It was so sweet and I loved reading about forced marriages that turn out well when the couple learn what true love is. :-)

The only thing to mention in this book is that there is the occasional mentioning of a man “desiring” a woman. This woman was always the character’s wife, but it still may be strong language for a young reader.

Other than that the book was amazing and I will definitely keep it on my shelf for some time! If you enjoy heart-warming stories set in the Amish lifestyle, you’ll enjoy An Amish Love!


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