Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Way Home: A True Inspirational Story Review

The Review:
My ranking: 8 out of 10
Ages 5 & up

This week I watched The Way Home, a story about a family is crisis after their son goes missing and the way a community pulls together to help them search for their young child.

Dean Cain stars in this touching film as Randy Simpkins, a husband and father who is having a hard time balancing time at the office with time with his family. Just before heading out for a vacation with the purpose of spending quality time with his kids and wife, a tragedy occurs. Randy's wife, Christal, requests that Randy watch their youngest child, Joe, for a few minutes while she picks up some last minute things from the house, but when Randy turns his back for a few moments and checks his email, Joe disappears without a trace.
Unable to find their son anywhere, the Simpkins slowly go from concern to panic. Rescue men and their local neighbors begin to help them in their search and before they know it the entire community is there to hep them find their missing 2 year old. Faith is tested in ways no one could have ever imagined, and community pulls together to help in the crisis.

The Positive:
This movie easily received 8 stars in my review. It was captivating, heart renching, and all around an enjoyable film to watch. It was very neat to watch a community pull together so selflessly to help find the missing child. You wouldn't naturally expect that. It was very inspiring.

The Negativc:
The only complaint I had about it was the wife's attitude sometimes. Since she was the wife, I feel she shouldn't have been so bossy to her husband, as he is the head of the house. But that was just a minor thing. The actual story was very good, though.

To Sum It Up:
All in all, I'd recommend you purchase or rent this movie when it comes out on October 26th. It was a very good story and I really enjoyed it!


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